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Abul Kalam Khan

Abul Kalam Khan

Abul Kalam Khan


Mr. Abul Kalam Khan completed Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) in 2010. After the completion of the course, he shifted to acquire the experience of Bell 407 Helicopter and Super King Air B200 Aircraft. Additionally, he achieved certifications in Human Factors & Error Management, Aircraft Systems, Airframe, and the Power plant, related to wide body aircraft (A320, B747-400 and B777-300) from Manila Aviation, Philippines. Later on, he joined the privately held UAV Company as a UAV Technical Engineer, where, during the research on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, he transmuted his complete ‘Manned Aircraft’ knowledge into ‘Unmanned Aircraft’ and designed India’s first ‘Drone crash course’ study material. Apart from technical work, he organized many workshops and training sessions to train the engineering students regarding Unmanned Aviation field as well as participated in HALE/MALE categories UAVs project. And he worked as a Managing Director cum Technologist in a private UAV manufacturing company. His latest formed UAVs include VTOL UAV (5KM) with different types of adjustable payloads and JARVIS (Speech Recognition) based Ground control station (GCS) to control the UAVs as well as his invention comprises ‘Blended wing body flapless VTOL UAV, controlling with bleed air motion control system’. And the publication includes ‘Elements of UAS’, an Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Handbook.

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VAU TECHNOVATIONS LTD, enter into the Unmanned Aviation cosmos as a UAS Manufacturer company, based in India.

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